Teide is NOT on red alert for eruption – reports saying it is are hoaxes

I haven’t seen the reports myself but it seems that they’re now starting to do the rounds … so to be clear, there is NO red alert for imminent eruption of Teide, not even a small one: there is absolutely no official source nor any basis for any such stories, which are hoaxes.

Furthermore, there have been no vibrations registered over recent weeks leading to the Cabildo or the observatory issuing statements that the emergency plan is on standby: again there is absolutely no official source nor any basis for any such stories, which are hoaxes.

I wouldn’t have credited it, given that were it to be true it would all over the regular media, but I’ve now had a couple of worried enquiries about it. In the hope that I’m not channelling Michael Fish and his non-hurricane, all these rumours are false, and there is no eruption coming, imminent or otherwise.



  1. Peter…….I have been going up Teide for the past 40 years and it’s always been blowing gas, as you say. Get a grip!!!!

  2. No eruption, earthquake or tsunami has ever been predicted.
    Actually, we should always remain vigilant.
    Two years ago I went on foot to the top and I can assure you that even though he’s asleep, he is still blowing gas and smoke rising from the flanks.
    Go up there to see and smell yourself.

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