Teide National Park to be subject to completely new access regime after chaos of nose-to-tail traffic jams and crowds during recent snow

Well I hope that those who went up Teide to see the snow a few weeks ago – nose to tail traffic jams with crowds beyond belief despite being begged not to go – approve of the result because we will now all have new rules because of them.

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced that it and the Teide National Park authorities have drawn up a new model for the area’s use and management in the future, a model that will incorporate permanent bus routes to different points in the park. Tenerife President Pedro Martín said that the plan is likely to include the requirement for those wishing to stop to go up by bus even though the roads will remain open for traffic simply driving through, possibly with some sort of park and ride facility with shuttle buses operating within the National Park itself.

Martín explicitly blamed the recent crowds going to see the snow for the new measures which, he said, highlight the obvious need for new regulation of the National Park, especially given that the situation which cannot be allowed to be repeated happened at a time when there weren’t even any tourists here. Meanwhile, the Cabildo has had meetings with the Guardia Civil which will result in Tráfico patrols controlling visitor numbers and Seprona overseeing security and environmental protection, something that is keenly on Martín’s mind after even a shopping trolley was found up there towards the end of last month.

Martín added that given the rapid melt of the snow he doesn’t expect crowds this coming weekend but arrangements are already in place with Tráfico and Cabildo personnel to avoid disturbance in the area.

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