Teleférico affected by bad weather

Photo courtesy of Teleferico del Teide
Photo courtesy of Teleférico del Teide

Update 4.30pm:  Assuming no changes in the weather, the Teleférico and the Refugio de Altavista will reopen this Sunday, 22 December. And, of course, the snow is still thick on the peak of Teide to make the whole experience even more fabulous. The Teleférico advised, however, that due to current conditions. the paths of Telesforo Bravo, Pico Viejo and la Fortaleza remain closed for safety reasons. The Montaña Blanca route itself is open, but walkers are advised not to use it due to its condition after the recent weather. For any information about these routes walkers are asked to call the Parque Nacional del Teide on 922 92 23 71 or by email to

Update 20 December: With the Christmas holiday period upon us, I’ve now had several enquiries about the Teleférico from people who were planning to go to the very top of Teide. The cable car has been closed since the worst weather last week, and I’m afraid that it remains closed. There was some hope that it might be able to reopen today but it’s just been announced that it remains closed until further notice. I’ll post that notice when it’s announced.

Update 5 December: The cable car might itself be on a somewhat restricted timetable due to the weather, but access from the top of the Teleférico to Teide’s peak is now confirmed as closed to the public for security reasons until, at present, Monday 9 December. The announcement comes as the Canarian Government issues a pre-alert for continued rains over the weekend, and Aemet’s yellow alert starts for rains in the western islands.

Original post 4 December: The Teleférico, the cable car that goes to the top of Teide, is a traditional part of many visitors’ plans around the Christmas period, and this year will be no exception, I’m sure. It’s worth noting, however, that the cable car closed the day before yesterday as a result of the stormy conditions and restricted times have been announced for today because of continuing conditions. It will be best to check in advance before going. The above photo, released by Teleférico del Teide, shows why …

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