Temperatures will start to fall from Saturday but with no quick relief in sight

Temperatures in the Canaries will start to fall from tomorrow (Saturday), though the heat will continue, according to the director of the Meteorological Centre in Santa Cruz, Víctor Quintero. Sr Quintero said that today will be even hotter than the last few days, but that after that, there will be a slow and almost imperceptible daily reduction of temperature over the next few weeks, rather than a sudden drop back to normality, and it is likely that there will continue to be areas placed on Orange Alert.

It seems that the cause of this heatwave is an area of high pressure in the Azores, very near to the Canaries, which is acting in counterpoint to a thermal low in the Sahara. The two conflicting systems are causing a flow of warm air over the Canaries, a phenomenon that will last until the Saharan system moves. The problem has been exacerbated over the last few days, of course, by the additional arrival of a calima.  Canarias7

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