Tenants in economic difficulty because of covid19 can apply for Canarian Government rental assistance from tomorrow 8 May

Updated 8 May: HERE is the link to the Canarian Government’s information page about this ayuda. There is a link on it for the application but it is very slow at the moment, and crashed earlier, presumably because of the numbers trying to access it.

Original post 7 May: The Canarian Government has introduced specific measures to help anyone affected financially by the covid19 outbreak to avoid getting into arrears with their rent. This is separate to the guaranteed microloan system introduced by the national Government and for which tenants apply through their banks. This regional package, however, provides assistance that can be requested from tomorrow with applications direct to the regional authorities.

The assistance is for rent payable on the habitual residence of a tenant who has been affected economically by being laid off temporarily, or losing their job, or being put on reduced hours, or formally ceasing activity if self-employed. Naturally, tenants will need to show their rental contracts, evidence that it’s their permanent residence (empadronamiento), and evidence of legal residence in the Canaries (Registro). This does not apply to anyone in what we would know as council housing because there are separate measures available for those covered by existing social provisions.

There are income limits (not greater than x3 minimum wage), disability considerations (greater income allowance),  limits on the percentage of income allowable for rent and basic expenditure purposes (35%), property restrictions (no property owned elsewhere), and obviously restrictions on family relationship between tenant and lessee. In short, it’s not without its complications, but the help of up to €900 a month for up to six months is there for anyone who can show eligibility. 

The link to apply is currently deactivated to discourage early applications; this measure has been in the pipeline for some weeks and some have already applied: please note that if you have done so, your application will not be processed and you must reapply as if for the first time. When I see the link tomorrow I’ll post it here. An alternative means of applying is by phone, but this is only for those who cannot apply online. They should call the Canarian Government’s public service number 012. Calls, like online applications, will be monitored, checked, and verified to ensure that each request is a formal declaration of need by the applicant.

The system will last until 30 September, at least in the first place, or earlier if the dedicated fund of some €8m from which help will be allocated is used up.


  1. Everyone states that I am crazy when I tell them it’s not a loan and they say nothing will be given for free to anyone. It does look like a gift. I can’t find anything about savings. I came with some savings to buy a house but I am now coming 250 short between rent and the little unemployment allowens I get. I don’t like seeing my savings vanish. Can I still apply even if I have some saving but lost my job and pay more rent than I ret allowence a month? With food it’s 400 a month that I am taking out of savings.

    1. Author

      I am afraid I cannot advise on this beyond giving the link to the official site where there is information about the assistance (I agree it does not look like a loan at all) and how to apply for it.

  2. Hi is this like a loan or what and please wich document thay need please help

    1. Author

      No. As I said, this is separate to the guaranteed microloan system introduced by the national Government, and in the update I’ve given the link for further information and details about applying.

  3. Is there anywhere where I can apply for rent aid in English, as my Spanish is not good enough to understand most of the jargon on the spanish website.
    Thank you,

    Clive West

    1. Author

      I’m afraid I’m not aware that anyone can apply in English. I’m not sure I’d call the Spanish information “jargon” though, it is simply “in Spanish”.

  4. Hi Janet. I have been trying to get into the site for the rental assistance which you mentioned, but when I click on rental aid, it says that the date has expired. How do I apply?

    1. Author

      I don’t know where you’re clicking but there’s no “rental aid” link. You need to click on “Tramitación electrónica (SEDE electrónica del ICV)”. The link works. I’ve just checked it myself.

      edit: and I’ve just checked it again and it doesn’t. As I said above, it is overloaded and slow, and clearly crashing periodically through high demand. The only solution is to keep trying.

  5. Hi Janet
    Is this a government loan and if so when do you start to repay it?

    1. Author

      It is an assistance package from the Canarian Government, as clearly stated, and is an ayuda, as I understand it, a grant. You wil find all information, including a FAQ, on the link I provided.

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