Tenerife adds Apple TV+ series to Netflix and Amazon Prime productions to showcase the island as an international film set

Tenerife is the location at least until the end of this month for the filming of a series of international significance from the on demand Apple TV+ platform. The series is Foundation, based on the Isaac Asimov saga set in a future world in which robots are part of society. Tenerife Cabildo Councillor for Territorial Planning, Historical Heritage and Tourism, José Gregorio Martín Plata, says that the Tenerife Film Commission and Turismo de Tenerife have coordinated their efforts including for managing permits through local production company Sur Films: “This is a team effort which, we are convinced, will once again contribute to Tenerife’s success in the audiovisual sector”, he said.

The logistical centre for the filming, where pre-production work has been taking place for a week now, is the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz, and Martín Plata said that this filming, together with recent successful Netflix premieres like ‘The One’ and ‘Sky Rojo’, the latter ranking first in views in Spain since its launch last Friday, as well as ‘La Templanza’ being released next Friday on Amazon Prime, certify the island as an international set for this type of production. Quite clearly, he said, “Tenerife has, in addition to a wide variety of landscapes capable of recreating almost any place in the world, a set of infrastructures and human and logistical equipment, through local companies, which, together with our tax incentives, have an impact on the growth of the filming sector, as is being demonstrated”.