Tenerife as you will never have seen it before

As Tenerife starts to emerge into the new normality, making its tentative steps in Phase 0 of the de-escalation, this video shows what this island has been like during the past seven or so weeks. A deserted but beautiful, and compliantly caring, Tenerife! A new normality will dawn rather than an old one return, perhaps. This is home, either way …  


  1. I really ‘enjoyed’ watching this and I literally shivered all over when the children came out to play at the end. Thanks for sharing this, Janet ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Very evocative and moving … but Spring is coming!

  3. A truly wonderful video of Tenerife as we shall never see again!
    Thank you for that Janet. Having lived here some years I have never seen Tenerife in all its glory like this. Not a soul in site, neither a car on the empty motorway – wonderful photography and thank you to these people who made this video.
    Penelope Dewhurst / VSL

  4. Thank you Janet for posting the film. Hope you don’t mind but I have sent it on

  5. Wonderful, without the shops, cafes, bars etc. with people and cars everywhere you could almost believe it was the Tenerife with which we all fell in love. The birds are taking the place back!

  6. Janet
    Great video i think Anaga here is one of most beautiful places i have ever been too the landscape is breath taking. There is a short camino i want to walk when this is all over

  7. Author

    I agree, David. There’s a bit of road through Anaga from which there’s a drop away either side. It really is a backbone type road, and it’s about as wide as one and a half cars! I’ve been there, parked in a passing bay, when one side of that road you’re looking down into glorious sunny weather, and cross the road and look over the short wall the other side and it’s winter, raining, cloudy … it’s a wonderful place, and the Mercedes mountains I think can hold their own with any beauty spot in the world!

  8. Thank you Janet for this video and for your website. Just reinforces what a beautiful place we’ve decided to spend our lives. Must go up to Anaga when we are able

  9. Stunning even when empty it draws you in Well done too all involved stay safe we will visit again hopefully 2021

  10. Thank you Janet, hope it will better soon

  11. Thank you for this video and thank you for all the hard work you do in keeping your website up to date. It is our first port of call if we want to know what is happening in Tenerife.

  12. We have been going to Teneriefe
    for 40 years and still canโ€™t wait to get back to Los Christianos as soon as I can
    to join my senior friends for good food
    sing songs golf in the sun at Amorilla
    and my apartment in Victoria
    Thanks Janet

  13. Amazing video Janet! Breaks my heart to see this beautiful but empty island. Never before in our lifetime, and hopefully never again. Stay safe, and hope to see you all soon. xx Te Quiero!

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