Tenerife’s motor racing circuit

Tenerife’s motor racing circuit

(photos: Tenerife Cabildo)

Updated 29 August:

And as scheduled, the official opening of the works for Tenerife’s new motor racing circuit was held today, with the formal laying of the first stone amongst a range of officials and dignitaries including Tenerife president Carlos Alonso, Cabildo sports councillor Cristo Pérez, Granadilla acting mayor and works councillor Juan Rodríguez Bello, and the administrator of Onda Rossa Riccardo Ferretti. Here are some photos, courtesy of the Tenerife Cabildo, of the stone-laying ceremony.





Updated 24 August: The Atogo circuit will be managed by Walter Sciacca, who has been welcomed by Tenerife president Carlos Alonso. Sciacca is CEO & Managing Director of Motorsport Professional Advice Ltd, and Circuit Director of Italy’s famous F1 racing track at Imola, known as the home of Ferrari. President Alonso stressed the importance of Tenerife’s new circuit being run by someone so widely respected and of such prestige in motor racing, and said that the Cabildo was convinced that it showed the track was an important and attractive project which was generating great expectation internationally, as well as in Tenerife itself.

Sciacca himself assured Alonso that he considered the role an important professional challenge in his career, with Tenerife “starting from scratch” in the construction of an installation that he is convinced will be a “tremendous success”. Works on the new circuit start next Monday.

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. Walter Sciacca second right.

Updated 7 August: And now Damon Hill has heard of it … !

Damon Hill

Updated 5 August 2016: The Tenerife Cabildo said today that after modifications and the inevitable paperwork trail, works on the motor racing circuit will start on the 29th of this month. The works, which will cost over €23m, are expected to be completed within two years. As was already known, the concession granted to Onda Rossa will see the company manage the track for 35 years, extendable by a further 5.

Updated 29 May 2015: The final go-ahead was announced on 18 May, and yesterday, the details of the project were announced in a press conference given by Tenerife president Carlos Alonso, councillor for project development Eduardo Pintado, and Axia managing director Riccardo Ferretti.

President Alonso said that it had been a long time coming but as of 18 May it was full steam ahead. As said below, it will be funded by private money, and will generate both economic benefits and employment for Tenerife. Axia had already paid €1.2m as an aval, confirmed Alonso, a financial surety required as a norm from those carrying out public works for the Cabildo.

Axia boss Riccardo Ferretti explained that the company had a wealth of experience in major public works, including outside Italy, with projects in Tunisia, Morocco, Sweden and Romania. Ferretti confirmed that Axia would use local companies wherever possible, as well as local materials, which would produce a saving for the company as well as benefit the local economy. He said that he was “very excited” to be able to execute the project which had been so long awaited, and that over the next few months a technical survey would be carried out on the entire plot of some 1.3m square metres.

Project development councillor Eduardo Pintado has been promoting this project for years and is content beyond words that it is finally happening. There is a year and a half of hard work to come, he said, but it will be approached with enthusiasm and passion.

The project will see €21.4m put into the track itself, with a further €2.4m going into the north access to the circuit. A further quarter of a million Euros will be paid for land purchases already agreed. The full period of works will last 21 months. The administrative concession granted in return for the investment will see Onda Rossa (integrated by Kiti Trans and Axia) manage the site for 35 years, extendable by a further 5, which will see a further private investment of €5m in equipment and installations.

Update 18 May 2015: The Cabildo has awarded the contract for the construction of the motor racing track to Kiti Trans SLU, an Italian company which will carry out the works in the name of Onda Rossa SL, in participation with the Italian business Axia SRL. The contract for the works involves an investment of some €30m, paid for by the contractor in exchange for a 35-year management deal. As far as Tenerife is concerned directly, however, this project is now on the starting grid, with works forecast to be completed in 21 months.

press conf

Original post 29 October 2014: It’s been delayed for a very long time, and has overcome hurdles of every type, but now it’s on the starting grid. The Tenerife motor circuit has finally received the go-ahead from the Canarian government. Nothing now stands in the way of tenders to run the track. With the utmost backing of the Tenerife Cabildo, the Circuito de Tenerife in Atogo near Granadilla is underway. It will be overwhelmingly financed by private initiative but apparently interest is extremely high. The track will be able to provide facilities for all sorts of motor racing on up to nine track formations allowing for everything from carcross to motor cycling to Formula One. The project is forecast for 2017, and the Cabildo sees enormous tourism advantages for Tenerife from the circuit, not least because it is near the island’s main international airport and its principal tourism infrastructure.


  1. Can only be good for Tenerife

  2. If I live long enough I will deffo be interested in racing there,

  3. great website. Can anyone confirm which day (Tue 28th Feb 2017) is the main Carnival Parade for Santa Cruz? thank you.

  4. Author

    Thank you. All the info about Carnaval 2017 is on the post HERE.

  5. We went looking to see how the new motor circuit was progressing in Atogo today. We couldn’t even find the site. Do you have any up to date information please Janet?

  6. Author

    The latest is that earth-turning works are continuing. Photos have been issued, but nothing “obvious” enough to warrant posting. They are still keeping to the same schedule.

  7. You can see it on google earth!

  8. Dear Janet,

    Could you please update me if possible on the advancement of the new motor racing circuit being built near the south airport.

    Also if possible how do I find it by car.

    Many thanks in advance, Lewis Los Gigantes.

  9. Author

    I’ve moved your question to the relevant post. I post updates when I have them, so the absence I’m afraid is due to the lack of any official announcements since last August. As I posted in a reply above, however, the latest in March was that earth-turning works are continuing. Photos have been issued, but nothing “obvious” enough to warrant posting. They are still keeping to the same schedule and anticipating completion in August next year. As to exact location, I don’t actually know, but as an “obra” (construction site) the public will not be welcome, I imagine.

  10. Lewis, the access road to the construction site is very easy to find, I was there some months ago:

    When you come from TFS airport, drive across the motorway Autopista del Sur, then go up and passing the two petrol stations which are on your right side and head for road number TF-645.
    Turn left to go to the little village called Atogo and then turn right at the first small road and go up the hill until you reach the gate. If the gate is open you can drive through. If not you can walk for some minutes. But as Janet mentioned before you will not find anything interesting there now.

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