Tenerife blown to bits by strong gales as Government issues safety warning for winds and wild seas

To say it’s blowing a hoolie is to fail utterly to convey the strength of the winds that have been battering Tenerife for at least the past 24 hours. The Government has issued an alert for very high winds gusting incredibly strongly, over 90km/h, especially in the medianías (600-1500m) and at altitude. The north coast too is said to be particularly affected but the entire Tenerife coastline is hazardous, and an alert has also been issued for wild seas (costeros).

Today there’ll be significantly reduced visibility because of the calima but the wind is expected to start abating this evening, and continue to do so, though slowly, tomorrow. There is no serious damage being reported, just fallen branches, furniture and signs blown around, that sort of thing, but these gusts are severe. Please take care in this weather, avoid the sea and even the coastal paths if it appears very rough, and please see HERE and HERE for official advice on staying safe in such conditions.

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