Tenerife Cabildo and Puerto de la Cruz Ayuntamiento unveil ambitious plans for new sports and leisure harbour

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. Copyright Fernando Menis.

The Tenerife Cabildo and Puerto de la Cruz Ayuntamiento have unveiled plans for a new sports and leisure harbour – a Parque Marítimo y Puerto Pesquero, Deportivo, Comercial y Turístico. The following video shows the extent of the ambitious project, which has been designed by TRAZAS Ingenieros – GIUR for the port and Martín Menis Arquitectos (the designer of the stunning Plaza de España at the top of Adeje) for the Parque marítimo.

The harbour will be located at the far west of Playa San Felipe, and will allow ferry and small cruise traffic as well as pleasure and leisure craft. The works are estimated to cost some €156m, and will be co-financed, with some €72m coming from the Cabildo out of Canarian Government development funds.

Plans have been submitted and approved, and are now at the stage of drawing up the required environmental impact report. Approval is also being processed with the Dirección General de Costas, and further procedures will have to be undertaken before works can commence, a stage that is expected for the end of next year.


  1. Totally agree with John. Parking is a nightmare at the harbour at the best of times. The cabildo should spend some money in improving the potholes and bad surfaces of the roads before spending money on this project!

  2. Looks fantastic but where are all the cars going to park!!!

  3. Nice plan. Hope it gos ahead as soon as possible.

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