Tenerife Cabildo calls on public to use water responsibly as drought continues

Tenerife Cabildo councillor for water, Jesús Morales, has asked the public to use water responsibly and to avoid excessive use. Sr Morales said that saving even a few litres a day will make all the difference in the long run. The current drought affecting the island is being noticed, mainly, in the agriculture sector, and Sr Morales stressed that public supplies are prioritized and not under threat – not least because Tenerife gets 84% of its water from subterranean sources. None the less, he insisted, increasing public awareness of responsible use contributes to the best water management.

The Cabildo has regular meetings with Ayuntamientos and water suppliers to try to find ways to alleviate possible problems arising from the drought, and Sr Morales confirmed that desalination plants are working at their maximum capacities and two new ones are being built; moreover, portable desalination units have been employed. Further wells have also been identified which can increase water production. Together with these measures, however, a public information campaign is considered essential to promote best usage and the public is urged to do its bit to save water now to avoid problems should the drought continue indefinitely.


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