Tenerife Cabildo commits to remote working as the new normal

Berta Pérez and Daniel González. Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Tenerife Cabildo has said that it plans to continue the system of staff working online or from home as part of its new normal. The Councillor for Presidencia, Hacienda y Modernización, Berta Pérez, said that the Cabildo was committed to staff working remotely and the technology to support the new system which was a huge organizational challenge but an “absolute paradigm shift”, a different outlook “included in the pact for the social and economic activation of Tenerife because of its obvious advantages for Tenerife society”.

Pérez said that over recent weeks around 90% of Cabildo staff have been working remotely, an unprecedented situation which required the entire organization of work to be reformulated within a matter of hours at the start of the estado de alarma. She stressed that the initiative to implement teleworking in a stable way will be based on what the Cabildo calls “the 3C: trust in its personnel, commitment of the personnel to public service, and constant communication”. 

Pérez suggested, too, that the Cabildo’s model for remote working in its new normal could serve as a model for other administrations like Ayuntamientos, as well as private companies. For the next couple of months, the Cabildo itself will be engaged in an implementation period as the new system is developed in phases, with Daniel González, Cabildo Human Resources Diretor, describing it as a key piece of the Cabildo’s modernization plan that would help reduce costs for both the public administration and its staff, as well as reducing the number of people moving around unnecessarily. González said that remote working during the estado de alarma had worked really well, with staff using a virtual network that can now function as the basis for the future, Tenerife’s new normal.

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