Tenerife Cabildo Facebook page for public to take part in environmental work and policies

The Tenerife Cabildo has created a Facebook page called “Participación y Voluntariado Ambientales de Tenerife” (Tenerife environmental participation and volunteering) to encourage the public’s participation in the running and improvement of the island’s environment. The new page is HERE, and was presented today in a press conference held by Cabildo environment councillor Ana Lupe Mora, chief of environment planning Víctor García, and chief of the volunteering office Yayi Martín.

Sra Mora said that the public’s participation across a wide range of issues will extend to framing strategies and work dynamics of Tenerife’s environmental policies, while Sr García argued that it was important to be able to involve the public in issues that so often disturbed them, and that the initiative was a further step towards open and transparent government. Yayi Martín said that the Facebook page will be updated constantly and will allow the Cabildo to publicise all the activities carried out by the environment department and in which the public’s participation will be extremely welcome.

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