Fire in Vilaflor barranco under control

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

Updated 7am: The Vilaflor fire is under control this morning, Bomberos confirm. Brifor (forestry brigade) continues to monitor to ensure no fresh outbreaks occur while the fire is being finally extinguished.

Updated 8.30pm: The Vilaflor/San Miguel fire has been contained, the perimeter secure barring complicating weather factors. Hopefully that suggests we might have some positive news in the morning.

Updated 8pm: In the last ten minutes the Cabildo has issued these images taken by Brifor’s helicopter Ecuriel around 5pm. As of 8pm, the Cabildo says that a helicopter, two fire engines, and environmental and fire technicians along with two units from Guía de Isora and Policía Local are all working to get the fire under control.

Original post 18 August, 7.45pm: The Tenerife Cabildo has said that the Forestry Brigade and Bomberos de Tenerife, along with a helicopter, are dealing with a fire outbreak in a Vilaflor barranco near Cruz de Tea. The Cabildo requests the public to stay away from the area while teams are working to get this fire quickly under control. Currently some 300 square metres have been affected.

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