Tenerife councils public green areas works and maintenance explained by Adeje’s gardens and parks councillor

Photos: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Wherever we go in Tenerife we see public green areas, sometimes formal gardens, often plants set seasonally like the poinsettias everywhere at Christmas. This is all work carried out locally by the Ayuntamientos (local councils), and in Adeje the parks and gardens department under Councillor Esther Rivero Vargas has recently published details of the work being carried out through the department of services, EMSA, which tends 205 hectares of public green spaces in Adeje municipality.

Councillor Rivero Vargas explains that the budget for 2018 in the area is being used to improve and maintain the public parks and green sections, appreciated by both residents and tourists, with seasonal flowers in certain parts of the borough, forming part of the overall image of Adeje. The teams also are charged with plant care and pruning. The councillor continued that “the key to the recent improvement in the service has been the qualifications of those working in the area, divided into 17 distinct sections given the varied geography of Adeje, allocating the correct machinery and expertise needed for each zone”. She added that over the year, given the work needed to be done, the team had increased from 47 to 62 trained individuals, with more jobs being created in the division.

To make sure the work is up to required standards those workers are also given on-going training in relevant area, including improvements in gardening skills, machine operation, fumigation treatments, tree and palm pruning, etc,  Proper use of some of the new machinery also means less time used in public disruption during pruning operations. In the playgrounds the team have been in to carry out cleaning and pest removals as well as inspections and reparations of any playground installations.  They also work directly with other teams on public municipal events such as Easter Week, local fiestas, etc.

While the crews are dedicated to keeping all  the different neighbourhoods in the borough looking good, the councillor said one of the areas under constant review is the cemetery, “as we understand that people do want to make sure their loved ones are in a place that is well looked after, and we do take special care with the gardens here and take note of people’s wishes – they want and have asked for a space  that exudes peace, tranquillity, a place of retreat”, she explained.


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  1. All good initiatives, but I hope that there is also a bit of money left to finish calle la galga in Callao Salvaje what they started two years ago.
    Councillor Esther Rivero Vargas is most welcome so she can see for herself.

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