Tenerife DOP again wins annual Agrocanarian Wine Competition

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

We are all very familiar with how wonderful Tenerife’s wines are, the subject of books like the Epic Wines of the Canary Islands, and regularly winning competitions at an international level and a regional one. And in this last respect, the annual Agrocanarian Wine Competition has just been held for the 21st time with 181 samples representing the eleven DOPs (Denominación de Origen Protegida) taking part. Last year the winner was a Malvasia, an aromática dulce (sweet aromatic) that is in fact the very type that Shakespeare celebrated, and the particular winner was part of of the Brumas de Ayosa wines produced by the Bodega Comarcal in Güímar, winning for the second year in a row. 

This year, the best Canarian Wine is again from Tenerife, a red – Finca Parque Los Olivos – from the DOP Islas Canarias produced in Arico by Transformaciones y Servicios SL. A special distinction for Best Image and Presentation went to the dry white wine Niray from the DOP La Gomera produced by Agropecuaria El Guanche SLU, while the Grand Gold Medal and Best Organic Wine of the Canary Islands went to the organic white wine Ferrera from the DOP Canary Islands produced by Bodegas Ferrera SL in Arafo, and the Grand Gold Medal and Best Wine chosen by the Panel of Winemakers of the Canary Islands went to Luna de Yariza white barrel from the DOP Valle de Güímar produced by Bodega Tempus SAT.

I’m not a red drinker but there are three nice looking whites in the top four there, and hasn’t the east of Tenerife done well? Arico, Arafo and Güímar (again!) in the top four. I have to say that along with La Orotava, Güímar wines seem to me stunningly good! Regional Agriculture Minister Alicia Vanoostende acknowledged the high participation of the bodegas and explained that “in the Canary Islands we have wines that are totally different from the rest of the world, and in a globalised market this singularity is a great strength and opportunity for Canary Island wines, because it is a special product, with very diverse local varieties and cultivation techniques that make them unique”. She stressed the need for the sector to be protected, and highlighted the “many young people who are starting out in the sector, bringing passion, enthusiasm and hard work which is reflected in the high quality of these wines behind which is the great work of the harvesters and winemakers, of that heroic viticulture present in our way of understanding the cultivation of the vineyard”.

Wine is one of the jewels in the crown of the Canaries, and it not only needs our support but, in my opinion, fully deserves it. Drink Canarian …  🍷