Tenerife hurtles towards Spain

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OK, a smidgen of hyperbole, because it’s between 4 and 5 millimetres per year, and so will not contribute much to a saving in fuel for airlines. Anyway, it will never get there because Africa will get there first, and there will be nobody around to witness the crash anyway because when a really serious pandemic happens, the present behaviour of our species clearly demonstrates there being no chance of surviving it.

The reason I mention all this is because this tectonic plate movement is the cause of a series of earthquakes felt in Granada (That’s a region of Spain, you know, not an ancient TV channel), causing at least 3 roof tiles to break and I suspect causing much alarm in Granadian chickens, who don’t like earthquakes generally. I confess also to not being quite certain that when Africa moves around, the Canary Islands go with it, so if any geologists choose to correct me, please feel free.

These monumentally urgent issues are addressed in This article in El País


  1. Author

    I regret to inform everybody that since I last posted, we have moved about 0.1 mm nearer to Mainland Spain. This is causing some concern with about 14 million Spaniards being effected by small earthquakes, mainly in Granada, as reported in El País HERE. It has some nice maps, and they talk of a geological kiss. Great, but it didn’t make me feel like the earth was moving.

  2. Ahhhhh! NOW I know why I fell over yesterday… There’s me thinking it was just because I’m stoopid and didn’t see the rug there!
    Seein’ as how I iz also a fat bugger, the earthquake was probably mee too! I’d like to apologise here and now to any Granadan chickens who laid square eggs today.

  3. “a smidgen of hyperbole” – super phrase

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