“Tenerife in a tweet” competition to describe Tenerife in fewer than 140 words

Turismo has launched a Tenerife Twitter competition. Called “Tenerife en 1 tuit” (Tenerife in a tweet) runs from tomorrow to September 23.

Vice President and Cabildo tourism councillor, Carlos Alonso, said that it was hoped both locals and tourists would enter the competition, and the twitter format would allow them to describe Tenerife in a nutshell.

To enter the competition, you obviously need a Twitter account, and you also need to become a follower of @sientoxciento and/or @twitenerife. Tweets should be of a promotional type, and clearly of fewer than Twitter’s maximum 140 characters. They must also include the tag #tenerife1tuit. Photos or videos can be added if desired.

The winner’s prize will be a fabulous colour photograph book. Rules can be found at www.sientoxciento.com and www.webtenerife.com.

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