Tenerife is all inclusive … even for all inclusive!

Jack Montgomery, travel writer and blogger on (among others) The Real Tenerife, has written THIS article about how Tenerife is for everyone, whether they want purpose-built resorts or 5* hotels, and how all-inclusive and the upmarket push are not killing tourism, but completing its offer. Have a read, because it encapsulates everything I’ve been banging on about for the past couple of years …


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    The move to AI hotels is a disaster in my view. Look at Playa Paraiso it looks like a ghost town with boarded up shops and bars. AI benefits the tour operator plus the hotel owner with hardly nothing spent in local bars, restaurants and shops. It should be stopped or raise more tax from these establishments and use the money to give tax breaks to the small independent busineses to enable them to stay in business before the AI hotels are know more.

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    Well I hear what you say, but the tourism figures show that only around a quarter of tourists stay AI, and the tourist authorities are actually praising Playa Paraiso for starting to reinvent itself as an upmarket resort. THIS, for example, from a south Tenerife promotional page only today, is the sort of thing they’re pushing now. Maybe these bars need to consider the possibility that they’re operating on a considerably out of date business model. People do want different things these days to those that they enjoyed in the past. This isn’t to take away from what such businesses have done for Tenerife previously – but things never remain the same.

  3. how all-inclusive and the upmarket push are not killing tourism, but completing its offer.

    Maybe it is not killing tourism but there are fears that it is killing local business, as many of us have commented on in the past; All Inclusive Destructive To Local Business

    The report includes this:

    The Business Association of Las Americas and Costa Adeje (AEPACA) is complaining that the all inclusive system applied in the vast majority of hotels in the south of the island is destructive to local businesses.

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    Thing is it’s a complaint by a local business association. They don’t have Ashotel’s clout, and won’t be heard, at least not with the same ears. It is also important to note that only a third or so of tourists go all-inclusive. If businesses are being affected it will at least in part be because of the overall economic situation, and just blaming AI for all their woes is to some extent an excuse to avoid developing new business models. In my opinion …

  5. Businesses are being affected but with the reported ‘all time record’ tourism statistics, I fail to see how the overall economic situation is a factor in all of this. Clearly, it cannot be a lack of people.

    By new business models, I assume that your suggesting a reduction in the overall quantity of business here (fewer bars, restaurants, etc) because AI tourists want AI, that’s the issue. Tempting them out of the hotels to eat, drink and to be entertained is not a viable affordable solution to keep all of these smaller business afloat, even if some of the AI tourists do leave the confines of their resort. So in my opinion the options for small business survival is very limited.

    But you are correct, they don’t have Ashotel’s clout and it is therefore highly probable that the situation will be ignored until someone eventually wakes up to the fact that the demise of these local business is having a direct impact on the GDP of this island. But by then it will be too late.

  6. Just to add a bit of perspective. A friend of mine just booked for Tenerife.

    210 pds room only, or 280 pds “all in”, this includes alcohol, 3 meals a day, as many snacks as you want. Now what would you do?

  7. Author

    Thanks John, great coverage, I’m making a post out of that!

  8. Thank goodness I’m not the only one to appreciate that AI cannot be blamed for restaurants’ and bar owners’ ills. Let me give you a perspective from the smaller eastern islands:

    a) in Lanzarote, the number of restaurants and bars has steadily increased in the last five years at a much faster rate than tourism. Of course, the local authority will gladly take your money for licenses, etc., but nobody can blame AI for increasing the SUPPLY of bars and restaurants;

    b) Too many establishments have just two elements to their marketing policy; “open the doors and they will come” and sticking some unsavoury person outside the premises haranguing potential customers. The latter is a classic zero-sum game which just irritates large proportions of tourists; and

    c) thanks mainly to Germans (who have the highest propensity to travel on AI packages of all nationalities), around 50% of all tourists in Fuerteventura are “AI”. Yet the good quality establishments seem to survive.

  9. Regarding flights from Scotland, John.

    Easyjet, Jet2 and the other Tour Operators, all offer direct flights
    to TFS from Scotland

  10. Why do people keep banging on about AI, some people like to be looked after and turfed out of their any star rated room every day, some people prefer a villa or apartment but they then have the strenuous job of making their own bed.

    It is a pity that the Tenerife Government, instead of being in the control of Ashotel did not look at other tourist destinations, perhaps like Portugal who realized that a holiday destination needs all types of holidaymakers especially if their GDP is geared to it.

    In the last 4 years Portugal’s tourist numbers have increased even in the worlds worst recession, Tenerifes on the other hand except for 2011 have dropped, but even that year was down on the pre Government clamp down figures.

    So who is right?, having owned a property in Tenerife for the last 14 years and seen how this Country operates I have made up my own mind. If you want a 5* Country for Tourism you have to do a lot more than build 5*AI hotels, just drive from the airport to your luxury hotel in the South or the East and almost around every corner you will either pass a derelict building or a man made tip by the side of the road. Time will tell, lets hope for the many locals who have lost their jobs that their Government are right, myself I doubt it.

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    Just to clarify, all-inclusive isn’t part of the government strategy. That’s a commercial decision by the hotels, and the higher starred ones are offering it as an option rather than the only option.

  12. It is pressure from Ashotel on the Government that has caused this clamp down, and is it not their perception or are you saying they are not going for the 5*AI model anymore

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    I’m saying that the government doesn’t get involved in the particular hotel model that hoteliers choose. The government insists on going upmarket with a minimum standard. How the hotels do that is then their business. AI is a winner for hotels … but only because many holidaymakers choose it. Many don’t, though, and so the better hotels offer AI as an option, not a requirement. It tends to be the 3 stars that say it’s AI or nothing.

  14. It still can not be denied that it was pressure from Ashotel who caused the Government to enforce the forgotten letting law. All I am saying is that the figures don’t lie, because of these actions Tenerife, and especially the locals are suffering from their poor decisions, whilst other countries prosper.

  15. Hi Jimgomera , I’m aware of the other flight options , my point was if you are paying over £200 pp per night for B&B in one of the top hotels on the Island , then you would probably want a better standard of flight .
    I am flying out next week on Ryanair for £56 one way from Prestwick
    which is excellent value .

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