Tenerife motor racing rallies 2019

Photo: motor2000.

The motor2000 website will continue last year’s innovation by publishing its calendar of rallies for this year HERE. The islands are colour coded and there are columns for each type of rally, from road races to mountain slaloms, each race entry itself a link to more information. This seems a far more sensible way of presenting the information than individual posts on every rally that’s promoted, and the calendar will fill up over coming days and weeks, and meanwhile there’s an advance calendar HERE.


  1. Author

    when you click, you should be taken to another page where there is another link to the official website of the particular event.

  2. With risk of sounding stupid…how do I find the routes, of each rally. I clicked in the location in the colour coded table in the link, but not much info has appeared.

  3. Thanks for this, Janet. As a motorsport fan I’ve been able to watch one or two of the events on the island in the past, and am coming over for most of March, so this will help me catch a couple more!

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