Tenerife motorway ring road will be completed by 2014/2015, Government minister announces

Tenerife will have its motorway ring road by 2014 or 2015, the Canarian Government Minister for Public Works and Transport, Juan Ramón Hernández, announced in a press conference on Thursday. Sr Hernández said that the stretch between Icod de los Vinos and El Tanque was well underway, as was the section between Adeje y Santiago del Teide, as indeed many who live in the south can confirm. This latter piece of motorway alone is costing 140 million Euros. The connecting stretch between Santiago del Teide and El Tanque, which includes around twelve kilometres of tunneling, was approaching completion, said Sr Hernández, and it was a prime example of the difficult and sensitive nature of the entire project.  Canarias24Horas


  1. where can I see a plan of the new TF1 extension. On a web site or townhall?

  2. Author

    You can see them HERE.

    Please do also have a look at my update posts on the motorway extension HERE and, especially, HERE – the title says it all: “Government cuts put road projects in doubt”.

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