Tenerife muslims say “not in my name” to Barcelona terror attacks

Photo: Tenerife South Muslim community.

South Tenerife’s Muslim community came together yesterday to make a public declaration that terror attacks are not done in their name, and that they repudiate terrorism and stand with the victims of the latest deadly attack last week in Barcelona. Over a hundred people took part in the event in Los Cristianos holding banners stating (translated) ‘Not in my name’,  ‘United for peace’, ‘ISIS don’t represent us’, ‘I’m Muslim, I’m not a terrorist’, ‘Solidarity with Barcelona’, and ‘Islam isn’t terrorism’.

The organisers said they wanted to make it clear that those who acted in the name of what they called ‘Islamic State’ did not, in any way, represent their religion, and they called for peace and mutual understanding. Earlier this summer over 2,000 Muslim residents came together to celebrate the end of Ramadan: they condemned terrorist acts, and Adeje Imam Tijani El Boujio said “sadly these attacks are perpetrated in the name of our religion, but in reality they have nothing to do with the true essence of Islam”.

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