New Year’s Eve in Tenerife!

There will be New Year’s Eve celebrations throughout Tenerife this year like any other, but different to all others we’ve experienced. There will be music and dancing for sure, but at home rather than in the plaza, and the champagne and lucky grapes, eaten one per chime of the countdown, will be consumed in groups of no more than six from just three households. And apart from the too-nosey issue of who’s going to be wearing red knickers (another tradition to bring luck), one other question that is already being asked is whether there’ll be fireworks! That one I can at least answer easily, but without clarity: I don’t know.

Some councils seem to be going ahead with some displays, but on a much smaller scale than usual, while many others have actually just cancelled their whole Christmas programmes. And of course we couldn’t go to a display anyway because crowd events are completely banned right now. Best this year, perhaps, just to look at the sky as we clink our glasses of cava to see what may be seen, and celebrate being here to do so!

The vast majority of people will certainly be welcoming in 2021 in front of their televisions, and this year La1 will be broadcasting the national midnight chimes from the Puerta del Sol in central Madrid at 11pm our time but without the crowds that are such a familiar sight there, followed one hour later by the live transmission to the whole of Spain of the New Year’s arrival in Santa Cruz, and Telecinco will do the same but from Playa de las Canteras in Gran Canaria.

Wherever and however you’re celebrating, I hope 2021 will begin on a happier note of hope for us all, and I suspect that apart from the overwhelming delight most of us will feel at saying goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020, many of us will feel emotional at having survived it in one piece. Onwards and sideways, perhaps, but a Happy New Year to you all, may 2021 be as good as it’s possible for it to be, and may we all be here to welcome in its successor in a year’s time!


  1. Happy New year Janet and to all ou family & friends. You do a fantastic job for us Brits and I hope to continue to help the people with a second home in Tenerife and would like to stay for the Winter Months. You are a God Send Well Done!

  2. I would like to wish you and your Husband a Happy New Year and thank-you for your kind thoughts. I had an Eton moment and sent Boris Gump a rearranged C/V He should be working for Harry Ramsdens’. I guessed there was Welsh in you by your Diamond cutting wit.

    Kind Regards

  3. Happy new year Janice and a big thank you for all the information you have provided this year,
    Blair x

  4. My post, if I may, from the Que Pasa site earlier today:-

    On Sunday my son in Kent informed me that he, his partner and her mother and father had tested positive.
    Living in hope.
    Yesterday my wife and I did our regular walk from Varadero to Alcala along the coastal path, about 3 kms one way. We couldn’t fail to notice many people not wearing a mask. Today we did the walk again and counted…..53 people in 40 mins NOT wearing a mask. We got back home to have news that the father in Kent had died today.
    Need I say more?
    Disgusted with selfishness or ignorance of some people. Sorry

    Let us just hope that, in 2021, people everywhere are less selfish and arrogant, and more understanding and respectful to others.

    Thank you, Janet, for all your work .

    1. Author

      No need for “sorry”, Dennis, I feel the same. I’ve been appalled this year by the utter selfishness and ignorance of many, not just some. I myself got my second bout of pneumonia years back from someone in Puerto de la Cruz, I can pinpoint the moment … walking past the Monopol a man coughed in my face as he approached and then walked past. Looked me in the eye as he did so, too! Within three days I was sniffing, within a week I had a cough, and from there on it was back to bronchitis and the slippery slope … . I have no time for such utter narcissism and stupidity. A mask then might have saved me that bout. I hope your son and his family recover soon and fully.

  5. Thank you Janet for your posts you are a gem

  6. Happy new Year Janet. I’m a newbie who’s just got my Nie and doing all I can to process residencia in the next week.
    Your website has been invaluable, informative and interesting.
    Muchas Gracias x

  7. A very Happy New Year Janet, to you and your family. Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date in a year best forgotten! Living in the UK your site is No.1 on my list for accurate information.

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