Tenerife now has five Michelin stars for restaurants

Very recently the Michelin Guide handed out its annual awards of the famous stars, and in a clear boost to Tenerife’s gastronomic tourism credentials, there are now five Michelin stars in restaurants on the island – the only island in the Canaries to have any. The 2016 edition of the guide renews the previous four – two stars for M.B. and one for Kabuki in the Abama Hotel, and one for Kazán in Santa Cruz – and now adds another for El Rincón de Juan Carlos in Los Gigantes.

Here are the websites for the restaurants:




El Rincón de Juan Carlos


  1. Book el rincon at your peril. They are insisting you book through their website which requires your credit card details. Not a problem, except the site is unsecure which means they could be stolen by a third party. I contacted them regarding this but didn’t get a resolution!

  2. We have only eaten in two of the Michelin restaurants on Tenerife – the m&b at the Abama and, last autumn, at the one at Los Gigantes.

    The m&b is gimmicky, over priced and exceptionally disappointing and not worthy of any stars where as el rincon de Juan Carlos was an absolute delight.

  3. Where is the fifth one? I heard that there was one in Los Abrigos……….

    1. Author

      There are only four restaurants. There are five stars because one of them has two. The restaurant in Los Abrigos is, I imagine, Los Roques, but it’s not got a star … if I remember rightly it got a Michelin mention, but I can’t swear to it.

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