Tenerife president and former mayor of Guía de Isora in isolation after testing positive for covid19

Former mayor of Guía de Isora and now President of Tenerife Pedro Martín has confirmed this afternoon that he has tested positive for covid. Martín says that he will be self-isolating for the next several days as required, and will attend to Cabildo business online from home. The President said that he had provided the track and trace system with all the details of everyone he’s had contact with in the last few days so that they can take the appropriate measures to avoid contagion.


  1. A bit harsh Jon, even in jest. Lots more likely that the people who gave it to them are irresponsible, or the people who gave it to them and so on and so on. Personally, having been through this I feel very sorry to hear it. Is a very stressful and worrying thing. I wish them both well

  2. Aaah HA! NOW we know where the irresponsible ones are!!
    (Sorry! My fickle sense of humour….)

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