Tenerife resident successfully sues bank for putting her name on debtor list

BBVA has lost an appeal against a court judgement which found the bank guilty of defaming the character of a Tenerife resident who found a sum of money had been deducted from her card without her knowledge. Upon refusing to pay for the transaction, a bill for a trip to France, the Bank gave her personal details to a debtors register. The initial court judgement was that BBVA’s action had injured her dignity, defamed her character, and attacked her self-esteem. BBVA appealed, of course, but now the Appeal Court has agreed with that earlier judgement. As such, this is now a legal standard for everyone: the inclusion of someone’s name in a debtors’ register, without confirmed verification of the debt, is an illegitimate attack on an individual’s honour requiring compensation. In this case, the compensation awarded to the woman was €1,800, together with costs awarded against the Bank. Canarias24Horas

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