Tenerife South airport taxes to rise

The recent budget raised the airport taxes for Tenerife South by 5% for both EU and international flights. The same increase was applied to flights to Gran Canaria, though other airports fared worse, with rises averaging around 19%. Madrid’s and Barcelona’s, however, doubled.

The new rates mean that the tariff for European flights into Tenerife South rises from €5.70 to €5.99 and from €8.60 to €9.03 for international flights. The tariffs have been included in the articles of the budget plan relating to this summer’s modification of the Air Security Law.

The airport security tax also increases, from €2.08 to €3.46. The rise will not apply to passengers with reduced mobility, whose tax will rise from €0.55 by only one cent to €0.56. Aena said that despite the rises, Spanish airport taxes were some 43.5% lower than the European average.


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