Tenerife suffers bloody night with three dead

Tenerife has had an appalling and bloody night ending with three dead, two in traffic accidents and another in a violent encounter in the early hours. Emergency services say they were first called out shortly before 1am to Calle Mayber in La Laguna with several reports that a man was in some waste ground asking for help. Sadly, the man was so badly wounded that by the time police, bomberos and ambulance crew had arrived, they could do no more than declare him dead at the scene from the serious injuries he had sustained. The National Police are now investigating the incident, and no details have been released to identify the victim.

The other two fatalities were the result of traffic accidents, first just after 3am in Los Cristianos where a 43-year-old motorcyclist seems to have lost control of his bike and drove off the road outside the Arona Courts. The man was so seriously injured that emergency services could do nothing for him, and so again they could only declare him dead at the scene.

Within an hour, minutes before 4am, the third tragedy occurred on the northbound carriageway of the TF1 in Adeje. Emergency services say that the victim was a 40-year-old Senegalese man who was killed in a head-on collision involving three vehicles. He had to be cut out of the vehicle but for the third time last night, the victim had to be declared dead at the scene. A 24-year-old Brazilian was also injured in the incident, and he was transferred to Candelaria Hospital where his condition is said to be serious. Several others needed medical assistance in addition in the collision but their conditions are said not to be serious.


  1. Hi. I am enquiring about the death of the Senegalese man in the car collision in Adeje. Is the man called Abdoulaye Diop Gueye, father of 2?

  2. Author

    If someone is not named in a post it is either because the name hasn’t been released or it has been released to media under embargo. Either way I would not be able to reveal it.

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