Tenerife to star in pilot of new ITV series “The Holiday Show”

Programme director Helga Berry (2nd right), with the local drone team, and hotel and Turismo representatives. Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

Tenerife was the location chosen last week to record the pilot episode of a new ITV series “The Holiday Show”. The Tenerife Cabildo is delighted that we’re going to be the subject of the pilot episode of a series expected to draw in some 42m viewers per episode. Cabildo Turismo councillor Alberto Bernabé said that the Cabildo had bent over backwarsd to help the producers of the programme, and that last week’s filming focused on some of the most outstanding areas which are not traditionally associated with British holidaymakers and so will not be so familiar to the audience.

This is, therefore, going to be a different kind of British holiday focus for families, couples, and the elderly, and the Cabildo stresses that it will show Tenerife in a way that’s in line with the overall Government focus on improving the Tenerife brand and continuing the upmarket trend. The UK, said Bernabé, is the principal holiday market for Tenerife, with some 1.8m British visitors last year, and the programme will be a great promotional boost for the island.

The locations filmed include traditional British holiday areas like Puerto Colon, Los Gigantes and Playa Paraíso, but also far less familiar ones like Alcalá – now with a new beach and 5* hotel,  Masca, the Teide National Park and the Izaña observatory, the pretty town of Garachico with its rock pools, the national heritage town La Orotava. It will also look at the range of 5* hotels in Tenerife, diving, whale and dolphin watching, bodegas and restaurants, and the island’s increasingly famous and favoured gastronomy sector and its long-famous wines.



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      That’s what the programme producers and the Cabildo say. I agree it sounds high, but maybe they count other ways of viewing these days than the 9m or so who sit down to watch scheduled programmes.

  1. Any idea when it will be shown and on which of the ITV channels?

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