Andrew Logan’s sentence for child sex abuse welcomed by family of victim

Updated 29 February: At his hearing on Friday, Andrew Logan was given a prison sentence of five years and nine months. Sources close to the family say that they were advised not to expect the maximum possible sentence of eight years, which was reserved for exceptional cases, but that they could expect three or so years in prison to be handed down. In the event it was nearly double that, and although the family says it was the guilty verdict that they particularly wanted, that sentence clearly helps to feel that justice has been done. In addition to the prison term, Logan will also be on the sex offenders register for life, and has been permanently banned from working with children.

Original post 19 January: Tenerife social media is buzzing this afternoon over news from Preston Crown Court that Andrew Logan has been found guilty on several sex abuse charges against a child under 13. For years, Logan was known to many here as Andy Van Man, and several mothers of young children say that they are now sickened to the core after accepting him as a friend.

Siobhan Ferguson, who runs the Live Arico charity shop in San Eugenio expressed the views of many when she said that the case highlights that the real threat to children is not posed by strangers, but people who can easily worm their way into homes and lives, portraying themselves as friends. “One has now gone”, she said, “but there are others out there”.

Preston Crown Court has set 26 February for sentence to be passed.


  1. Thankyou for this post Janet. Xx

  2. I feel sorry for his mum and dad having to deal with this at this stage in their life . I am sure many people in Tenerife know his parents ???

  3. It’s a shame that other Tenerife fb pages delete any reference to this case and sentences. One can only presume that the admin officers support him and don’t want people to know the truth about Logan. Just for the record I often had a drink with him like a few of my friends and thought him has a friend. But now absolute discussed when original story broke last year

  4. What goes around comes around ! This time it’s at our magies pleasure ! Evil bastard !

  5. I met a similar guy a few years ago in Wales , he came across as very nice ( as they always do I understand ) He went to jail –and that was a surprise to everyone in the pub , just shows you never know anyone really.

  6. This man rented my home next door for over 3 years. He came across as decent sort who liked his dogs. Just goes to prove its not men in macs you have to watch. Makes me feel quite ill to be honest.

  7. I new andy when I lived in tenerife classed him as a friend .. he even offered too put me up if I ever came back too island for a holiday. . The thought of that makes my skin crawl … as the saying goes you never know what past your friends have until it’s too late … and what comes out thd wood work. . Hope he gets what he deserves and does time for a very very long time. .. PERVERT

  8. If I knew any of this I would have give him a pasting !

  9. Let’s hope he is put away for a long time. The guy was an online bully and keyboard warrior too. Safely out of the way now, fortunately.

  10. I am so shocked to hear this news, i also knew Andy. To be honest, he was nice and polite, just goes to show you can never tell a person really. What lerks underneath. Hope his victim can gets some peace of mind now justice is being done. Hope he gets whats coming to him, as this is a horrible crime and maybe he will be put through some of the hell that she has been put through.

  11. Author

    John, I’m delighted to see a comment from you on here … I hope all is well with you on the mainland!

  12. Well. There it is.
    I liked the guy.
    He was nice to me and I was nice to him.
    He wasn’t a friend but he was an aquaintance. I heard all sorts of rumours but I don’t like getting into bed with rumours until they can be proved true.
    I’m very sad that he is a dirty pervert. He will now be in a place where he can’t hurt anyone and I hope he stays there for a long time. Just shows that you don’t know who you can trust!

  13. Had a couple of run ins with him on a previous forum Janet!

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