XVII World Photography Championship entries exhibited tomorrow in Los Cristianos auditorium

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

Updated 20 September: Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that the competing photos in these two competitions will be displayed tomorrow, Saturday 21 September, in the Auditorio Infanta Leonor. The exhibition starts at 7pm, and entry is free.

Original post 10 May: The Tenerife Cabildo has announced that the island will be this year’s host to the XVII World Photography Championship and the III World Underwater Video Championship. The event will be held in the Marina del Sur in Las Galletas between 17 and 22 September, and will bring together specialists from twenty countries to compete for the two titles.

The competition is organised by the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities (Fedas) and the Canarian Federation of Underwater Activities (Fedecas), both in collaboration with the Cabildo, the Canarian Government, the Consejo Superior de Deportes, the Spanish Olympic Committee, LaLiga Sports and Arona Ayuntamiento. It is also supported by Diving Coral Sub, Buceo Tenerife, Claumar, Paradise Divers, Club de Buceo Rincón de Arona, Club La Morena, Okeanos Tenerife Diving Center, Dive Tenerife and Sa Caleta Tenerife Dive Center.

Competitors already confirmed will be coming from Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Spain itself, the latter including Tenerife’s Sacha Lobenstein, World runner-up in this field.

The main competition areas are Punta de la Luna (Las Rayas), Las Rosas (La Atlántida) and Montaña Amarilla, all in Las Galletas, as well as Los Obispos (El Bufadero) in Los Cristianos. Reserve areas are Los Champiñones and Los Callejones. Each photographer may submit up to five photographs for the championship, as well as one photo in each of the following categories:

  • Free Macro – Macro or zoom photography of any theme, except the main championship theme. Details of a fish or theme for Thematic photos (see immediately below) are not valid in this category.
  • Thematic Photo – Photo with a specific theme. Each Championship has a specific theme that is representative of the championship location. The theme will change for each championship and will be defined by the CMAS Visual Commission. This photo can be taken with any aim and photos with a diver are not admissible. For this championship the theme is: Cartilaginous fish (scientific name Chondrichthyes)
  • Fish – A picture of a fish or shoal that only involves the natural attitudes of these creatures. Details of a fish are allowed if it is possible to define the fish in its species, name and biotype. The photo can be taken with a close-up lens (macro) or any other lens.
  • Wide Angle without Diver – Wide angle photo without any diver, showing the beauty of underwater nature like fauna and flora.
  • Wide Angle with Diver – Wide angle photo, including a diver who will be the assistant. A diver in apnea or free diving will not be accepted.

The opening ceremony will take place at Los Cristianos Cultural Centre on Tuesday 17 September, with a reconnaisance outing to the competition areas on Wednesday morning and documents and draws for the competition on Wednesday evening. The trials will take place over Thursday and Friday. The jurors will deliberate on Saturday with the official ceremony scheduled for 7pm in the Infanta Leonor Auditorium. There is information about the regulations and requirements from Fedas’ official site HERE (if you have a problem with the link, just remove the “s” from the https on the URL).

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