Tenerife wines triumph in international Cervim 2020 competition in Italy

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

It was only last month that I posted about Tenerife’s wines winning medals in the Premios Mezquita 2020, wine culture awards now in their 25th year for Spanish and Portuguese excellence. Now, our wines are big winners again, this time in Cervim 2020, the world championships, effectively, of mountainous and island vineyards, places called heroic because the vines are grown on plots above 500m altitude and with an incline of over 30%.

In the competition, held in Italy, the Canaries as a whole won 38 medals in all: six Grand Gold Medals, 32 Gold Medals and six Special Prizes: Tenerife wines won 27 in their own right. Some 785 wines in all were submitted to the competition from 19 countries including Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel, among others. In total, 20 Great Gold Medals and 220 Gold Medals were awarded.

Canarian Agriculture Minister Javier Parrilla congratulated the bodegas which have won prizes in this important competition. Parilla said that the islands’ wines achieved a “distinction that validates the excellent quality of Canarian wines in general, and in particular, those from Tenerife, which already have a great international reputation”.

It’s always nice to know the specific wines that have been rewarded by world experts, and so here is a list of Tenerife’s wines that won big!

Cervim Grand Prize and Cervim Originale: Ainhoa Dulce 2019 wine from Bodegas Balcón de La Laguna; this winery also obtained the Cervim Special Award.

Cervim Award of Excellence:

  • Pagos de Reverón, from Bodegas Reverón, of the DO Abona
  • Vinofed 2000: Alejandro Galllo Vijariego Negro y Tintilla 2018, from Bodega Grinfeld Mir, of the DO Islas Canarias.

Grand Gold Medals:

  • Alejandro Gallo Vijariego Negro y Tintilla-2018 (DO Islas Canarias), from Bodega Grinfeld Mir-Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Herrera Capote 2019 (DO Islas Canarias), from Bodegas Balcón de La Laguna
  • Ainhoa Dulce 2019 (DOP Islas Canarias), from Bodegas Balcón de La Laguna
  • Pagos de Reverón 2019 (DOP Abona), from Bodegas Reverón-Vilaflor
  • El Legado de Camacho 2017 (DOP Valle de Güímar), from Bodegas Prodiflora-Puertito de Güímar.

Gold Medals:

  • blanco seco de Brumas de Ayosa 2019 (DO Valle de Güímar)
  • blanco sobre lías Brumas de Ayosa 2019 (DO Valle de Güímar)
  • Pico Cho Marcial Blanco 2019 (DO Islas Canarias)
  • Testamento Dry (DO Abona)
  • listán blanco de Pagos de Reverón 2019 (DO Abona)
  • malvasía aromática de Pagos de Reverón 2019 (DO Abona)
  • malvasía aromática de Pagos de Reverón 2018 (DO Abona)
  • Mencey de Chasna blanco semiseco 2019 (DO Abona)
  • Los Tableros afrutado 2019 (DO Abona), Bodega Mencey de Chasna
  • Ainhoa afrutado 2019 (DO Islas Canarias), Bodega Balcón de La Laguna
  • Pico Cho Marcial afrutado 2019 (DO Valle de Güímar)
  • Acentejo marba blanco afrutado 2019 (DO Tacoronte-Acentejo), Bodegas Marba
  • Quíquere blanco afrutado 2019 (DOP Islas Canarias), Bodega Grinfeld Mir
  • Apaga y Vámonos 2019 (DOP Abona), Sociedad Cooperativa Agrícola San Miguel
  • Calius tinto joven 2019 (DOP Islas Canarias), Cándido Hernández Pío
  • Caluis vendimia seleccionada 2018 (DOP Islas Canarias), Cándido Hernández Pío
  • Acentejo baboso negro 2018 (DO Tacoronte-Acentejo), Viña Estévez
  • Brumas de Ayosa tinto 2019 (DO Valle de Güímar)
  • Listán Negro 2019 (DOP Islas Canarias), Bodegas El Lomo
  • Pagos de Reverón 2019 (DO Abona)
  • Domínguez colección baboso negro 2017 (DO Tacoronte-Acentejo), Domínguez Cuarta Generación
  • Brumas de Ayosa malvasía aromática 2019 (DOP Valle de Güímar).

The full list of winning wines is HERE.

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