Tenerife’s first Outlet centre to open in Adeje

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

The press was given a preview of the new CC Galeón Outlet centre this morning ahead of the public opening at 10am on Saturday, 16 July. Located in the heart of El Galeón, in Adeje, the new centre will have 25 shops, a large Hiperdino and 465 parking places. Also present at the preview were Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Grupo Nº1 and Archigestión president Amid Achí Fadul, and Olivia Llorca, Marketing and Communications director for the Hiperdino group.

Amid Achí Fadul said that “here in Adeje we find it easy to pursue investment and growth opportunities, which become jobs. In this commercial centre we have created 300 direct jobs, which, added to the 600 in Siam Mall, is 900 new jobs in one year, and we hope to continue to grow”. He added that the local government in Adeje were always well disposed to facilitate new business opportunities in the borough, as the local business community knows, and worked legally and efficiently to make investments and socially beneficial solutions possible.

Mayor Fraga said that he was delighted that this new kind of Outlet centre was to be opened in Adeje, the first of its kind in Tenerife. “With this new commercial venture we continue our commitment to employment creation”, he said. “We acknowledge that the business sector needs to take risks with investments but Adeje is a pioneering borough and has one of the lowest unemployment levels in Spain. Our work as borough representatives is to continue to develop initiatives that can guarantee people a quality of life with stability, personal growth, employment and peaceful conviviality”.

The Hiperdino Marketing and Communications director made particular reference to the group’s adaption to client and customer needs and demands and pointed to the growth in their eco-range of food products, and those that were gluten and lactose free. Organizers have promised that Saturday’s opening will be a fun family day filled with surprises. Shops in the centre include Guess, Sport Zone, Forecast, Via Franca, Encuentro Stock, Punto Roma, Desigual-Geox, Party Fiesta, The Mint Company, Queens, Shana, Yeyo Boutique, Walk it, Calzados Marypaz, Fund Grube-Let’s Outlet, JYSK, Mondi Disini, Peluquería Mónica y Jorge, Multiópticas Orotava, Koala and Fifty Factory, the first Cortefiel outlet store in the Canaries, Ventura Restaurants and L’ESPRESSO.


  1. Are we going to be able to get there by public transport as the route of the 473 changed to the other side of Adeje

  2. Another Hiperdino and the rest … copy paste like all the other CC (((
    I would be very happy to have an Ikea, Alcampo, Decathlon etc in the south of Tenerife?

  3. Author

    I’m sorry I don’t know about the bus routes. Apologies.

  4. I know what you mean Peter but there are some different shops…and they’re all Outlet shops which is different

  5. Since one year I am waiting for Leroy Merlin in the south…… Is the Outlet Center instead of..???

  6. Helo i am very desapointed…..why not open a LEROY MERLIN, AL CAMPO, DECATHLON, C&A Y a big shop IKEA in the south. This new cc it is a copy paste like all the other CC (((

  7. Great news … then I looked at the shops …. could do with a big ikea in the south and a primark :)) . Great news gor employment though ..

  8. Ermmm.. Look at Janet’s post above where she says Leroy Merlin is planning to open on the site. The reason the investors invest in the North is because that is where most of the residents in Tenerife live.

  9. The bus is the 447 which goes the same route as the old 473. get off just before the shopping centre.

  10. My wife an I went with friends to the outlet centre today. I think need a little more time to get things ironed out. The car park has no signs to tell you how to get to the stores, head for the centre of the car park and hope for the best. The electricity went off for a few minutes in JYSK when our friends were trying to place their order. The round red structure in the photo above is supposed to be a cafe but it wasn’t actually open. The other cafe, L’espresso was chaotic. My wife and I ordered coffe and cakes while our friends were standing in the dark in JYSK. The waitress was using an app on a mobile phone to take the order, we asked for a croissant and she said they had none. So I said “What about the twelve in that display case there?” Doh! It’s no good using an electronic system unless someone keeps it up to date. It took 20 minutes for our order to arrive but we didn’t care as we were waiting for our friends but a number of other people got fed up and left. Of course that meant waiters wandering around trying to serve people who had gone. Our order arrived and shortly after so did our friends. They grabbed a waitress and ordered two coffees. After 20 minutes Maria went to the counter and asked if she could have her coffees. No, they said, go and sit down and wait your turn. “But we have been waiting for twenty minutes” she said. The waiter said “No you haven’t “. “Are you calling me a liar?”. “Yes”. We left after paying the bill and not leaving a tip.
    I expect these teething problems will be sorted out but to be honest the centre isn’t terribly appealing, there are quite a few empty units still, including Punta Roma, nothing is urging me to return. Siam Mall is better.

  11. Author

    I have to disagree with the sentiment, if not the detail. Yes, a quarter or so of the units aren’t open yet, but those that are have a wide range of things, do not in the main double up with the shops in other centres and even when they do, have different products … and the prices are excellent! This is a mall for residents, clearly, and I think it has a very pleasant feel … I will be going back often!

  12. Hmmm, I thought I would just check with my wife and her friend to see if I was reflecting a male perspective here. Yes, prices were low, but I couldn’t find anything I liked in my size. Sizes seemed to be small or huge. My wife wasn’t impressed, the price of shoes in Mary Paz were excellent but they had nothing, apart from shoes with skyscraper heels, in her size, 38. She likes Encuentro but she didn’t like the clothes in the Encuentro Outlet. Her friend didn’t find any clothes but she did find some garden furniture in JYSK that she liked and bought. Early days, we will see how it goes when the centre has filled up and had a chance to settle down.

  13. Hmmmm the whole point of discount malls is to sell stuff that doesn’t move elsewhere. Normally non average sizes, garish colours, stuff that hasn’t quite made it etc etc. Don’t go to a discount Mall if you think that you will get standard stuff at low prices.

  14. Snowbird, i bet when you were young you tried to teach your Granny how to suck eggs.

  15. Author

    well, ok, I hear what you say … but I do have to say that I personally preferred Encuentro outlet store stuff to the chain’s regular stores, and although I’d say I’m within the average range, found two lovely pairs of linen trousers in my size … and the colours weren’t garish because I don’t do garish …

    Horses for courses, of course, and naturally people will make their own choices. I think it’s nice just to have something a bit different, too, because it does tend to be much of a muchness generally.

  16. No Stewart unfortunately my granny had passed away before I was born. My mother always taught me not to be petty and not to try to find fault in everything.

  17. Shame she didn’t also teach you not to be patronising as well Snowbird. My last word on this, have a dig if you like, I won’t respond.

  18. I think others will draw their own conclusions from all your comments about this article and with respect to your personal comments to me.

  19. I have been told that Next (the store in the UK) is opening a store in this new shopping centre…is this correct…

  20. Author

    I’ve heard the rumour too but have no evidence that it’s correct.

  21. Is there a store that sells patio chairs in the new outlet? Thanks

  22. Author

    The Danish furniture store, think it’s called Jysk, has had some when I’ve gone there.

  23. Thank you Janet will pay a visit when we are back out soon

  24. When does Primark open and Next in El Galleon

  25. Author

    I don’t know that either is opening there.

  26. hello

    there is a trip organised to go to Leroy Merlin from los Cristianos can some one please tell me is this shop near to Decathlon as would like to buy a bike

    thanks for any advice in advance

  27. Author

    yes, Decathlon is the other side of the motorway from Leroy Merlin and there are walkways over to it.

  28. Of course there is also a Leroy Merlín at the La Villa shopping centre near La Orotava as well as the one at Las Chumberas, Santa Cruz. There’s no Decathlon at La Villa.

  29. Author

    Good point, Stewart!

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