Tenerife’s official public holidays for 2015

The Canarian government has fixed the calendar of public holidays for 2015 (link).

– 1 January (Año Nuevo/New Year’s Day)
– 6 January (Epifanía del Señor/Epihany)
– 2 February (Tenerife’s “island day” for patron saint Virgen de la Candelaria)
– 2 April  (Jueves Santo/Easter Thursday)
– 3 April (Viernes Santo/Easter Friday)
– 1 May (Fiesta del Trabajo/Workers’ Day)
– 30 May (Día de Canarias/Canarian Day)
– 15 August (Asunción de la Virgen/Assumption)
– 12 October (Fiesta Nacional de España/Spain Day)
– 2 November (Monday after Todos los Santos/All Saints Day)
– 8 December (Inmaculada Concepción/Immaculate Conception)
– 25 December (Natividad del Señor/Christmas Day)

In addition to the above 11 public holidays plus 1 island day, each municipality has its own two days bringing the total number of holidays to 14. It is the proliferation of these two local days throughout the island that gives the impression that it’s the whole of Tenerife that is constantly on holiday. These local festival dates are:

Adeje: 20 January – San Sebastián; 17 February – Martes de Carnaval
Arafo: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 31 August – San Bernardo
Arico: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 8  September – Nuestra Señora de Abona
Arona: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 5 October – Santísimo Cristo de la Salud
Buenavista del Norte: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 24 August – San Bartolomé
Candelaria: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 27 July – Santa Ana
El Rosario: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 3 August – Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza
El Sauzal: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 29 June – San Pedro Apóstol
El Tanque: 31 August – Nuestra Señora de Buen Viaje; 19 October – Santísimo Cristo del Calvario
Fasnia: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 24 August – Fiesta Patronal
Garachico: 24 June – San Juan; 17 August – Romería de San Roque
Granadilla de Abona: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 13 June – San Antonio de Padua
Guía de Isora: 24 June – San Juan Bautista; 21 September – Santísimo Cristo de la Dulce Muerte
Güímar: 29 June – San Pedro Apóstol; 7 September – Nuestra Señora del Socorro
Icod de los Vinos: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 25 April – San Marcos Evangelista
La Guancha: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 17 August – Fiestas Patronales
La Matanza: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 6 August – San Salvador
La Orotava: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 11 June – Infraoctava del Corpus Christi
La Victoria: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 7 September – Fiestas Patronales
Los Realejos: 22 January – San Vicente; 1 June – Virgen de los Remedios
Los Silos: 24 June – San Juan; 8 September – Nuestra Señora de la Luz
Puerto de la Cruz: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 14 June – Virgen del Carmen
San Cristóbal de La Laguna: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 14 September – Santísimo Cristo de La Laguna
San Juan de la Rambla: 24 June – San Juan Bautista; 14 September – San José
San Miguel de Abona: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 29 September – San Miguel Arcángel
Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 4 May – Día de la Cruz
Santa Úrsula: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 21 October – Santa Úrsula
Santiago del Teide: 15 May – San Isidro Labrador; 16 July – Virgen del Carmen
Tacoronte: 17 February – Martes de Carnaval; 25 November – Santa Catalina
Tegueste: 25 April – San Marcos Evangelista; 8 September – Nuestra Señora de los Remedios
Vilaflor: 24 April – Hermano Pedro; 31 August – San Roque y San Agustín


  1. Is the Mercadona supermarket in San Eugenie open today- Monday 5th January 2015? Thanks

  2. Author

    yes, the bank holiday is tomorrow. I have added a link to my links page, top item under “Practical Matters” for anyone to check at any time. Just choose Santa Cruz de Tenerife from the first dropdown box and it the shows all branches in the province and when they’re open and closed.

  3. We wish to use buses on 2 February. We understand this is a public holiday , will there be a normal bus service, or ‘weekends and festivos’ ?

  4. Author

    There will be a change to services because it’s a major Tenerife holiday, but some services will be increased to enable the public to get to and from Candelaria, and others will be restricted. For specfics, Titsa’s website is HERE, and they have a dedicated customer and route information line on 922 531 300 for people to check the particular details they need to confirm.

  5. I was on holiday last week and as it was a bank holiday on Monday i don’t get it back as i was on holiday. What is the Spanish employment law on this.

  6. Author

    Generally, the Monday should not have counted as your “holiday” because it was a bank holiday when I presume you wouldn’t have been working anyway … the detail of how this is arranged will be in your contract.

  7. Are you going to publish the public holidays for 2016?

  8. Author

    I already have. Please go to the What’s On page.

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