New Bono Residente Canario ticket will allow residents unlimited travel on buses and trams for €47 a month

Updated 19 September: Following on from the introduction this summer of the new tenmás card, which replaced the paper bono tickets, Tenerife President Carlos Alonso and Canarian President Fernando Clavijo have announced this morning the introduction of a new Bono Residente Canario – a ticket for residents to have unlimited travel on buses and trams in Tenerife for the total of €47 a month. The Bono Residente can be applied for online via the websites or, and as both links explain, is one of a series of measures related to the tenmas system to open up and encourage people to use public transport in Tenerife. The card is issued by the Cabildo while being subsidised fully by the Canarian Government.

Original post 18 July: The Tenerife Cabildo has announced that the paper bono tickets for buses or tram will no longer be valid after Monday 3 September. From then, only the tenmás card or the mobile app will be valid methods of payment, though obviously people will be able to continue paying with cash in the buses. Passengers with a credit balance on their magnetic bonos will be able to exchange them at any TITSA or tram office before October 31 (up to a maximum four of per person with validity starting after January 2017).

The tenmás card/app can be acquired and topped up as many times as necessary online at (if the link doesn’t work, remove the “s” from the “https” at the start of the URL), or at Titsa and Tranvía information and sales points, as well as in around 500 other sale points which are detailed in the website itself and at Cards cost €2 plus IGIC and are valid for two years. They can also be registered or personalized with the passenger’s name and photograph for an additional fee of €5 to allow passengers further access to various discounts and offers, to consult and top up the balance, and to recover the card in case of loss.

Cards can be topped up to a maximum of €100 in €5 multiples, and other schemes like those for large families or students will continue unaffected.



  1. oh well-I usually leave my unused Bono ticket to the hotel cleaner-some years it’s been quite substantial.She’ll have to wait a couple of years for a tip now!!

  2. Do you have any information about child fares? I haven’t been able to find anything. Do they pay the same as adults or is there a discount? Can they travel free up to a certain age?

  3. Author

    I’m sorry but I don’t. Apologies.

  4. Children up to 4 years old travel free but they cannot have their own seat according to the TITSA website. I guess this only happens if the bus is full. Using a Tenmas Card will give a discount but TITSA don’t say anything about reduced fares on their website.

  5. I called them. There’s no child discount. Children and adults pay the same fare.

    There is an under 26 young person’s monthly card, and a university student’s monthly card which provide discounts if they are frequent bus users.

  6. Just exchanged my bono credit to a new Ten+ card at office in Los Cristianos. Apart from the 2 euro fee I had to add to my credit from the bono to load the Ten+ card to a minimum of 25 euros.

  7. Does the new Ten+ card work the same as the old Bono card, allowing more than one person on with only one card or does each person need to have a card. Are the fare reductions the same as before and can you still get a second bus to complete the journey for a reduced fare currently 10c on a local bus.
    Unfortunately as I don’t arrive in Tenerife until after the 31st October deadline I will lose my €40 Bono cards.

  8. Author

    Sorry, I don’t know. The ten+ link in the post above has a frequent questions page so hopefully will provide some answers. It’s in Spanish and I can’t see an English language toggle, I’m afraid, but hopefully google translate will help if you aren’t able to read the Spanish.

  9. The new ten+ can be used for more than one person and if you get a second (different) bus within the specified timescales (for me it varies from 90 mins to 2 hours depending on the first bus that I use) it automatically applies the transbordo rate, although sometimes it is 10c and other times it is 20c! Do you know anyone who is out here already? You could send your bonos to them and they could go and get the balances transferred onto a ten+ card for you to use when you do come over? It would cost €2 but saves losing €40! If not , send them to me! ( just joking)

  10. Can I get a balance on my bus card if so how ?

  11. Author

    Not sure what that means, Doreen, sorry. HERE is the list of FAQs though, which will hopefully help.

  12. When you get off the bus, you validate your tenmas card at the exit machine. It should show the charge for the journey and the balance remaining on the card. If you register your card online, you can also see your current balance online.

  13. i just bought a ten+ card on Tuesday as my parents are coming out for 3 different trips to Tenerife in November and December, I put 25 euros on the card for them, but I didn’t get any information on how it is used, of what I understand you tell the driver how many people are using the card then scan it like contactless on the machine, and when you get off the bus you scan it at the machine at the back doors of the bus as you get off? what happens if you forget to scan the card at exit. how does the charges work, just my parents are in the 70s and may forget.

  14. Author

    I’m afraid I have no idea so I hope someone who knows will see your question and post an answer!

  15. My understanding is: if someone is using a tenmas card for more than themselves, they tell the driver how many people are using it and where they are going to. The driver will type the information into their screen and then ask you to place the card on the terminal to validate it. I think (as you have stated your destination) the card will be debited the appropriate amount for the journey and it should not be necessary to scan on exit but they should ask when they get on, just to be sure.

  16. I believe you scan the card enough times for the number of passengers. You also scan on exit, otherwise you get charged until the end of the route.

  17. You can register an account on and “associate” your card which allows you to check your expenditure and usage on-line .
    It may take a few days for the card to show up , mine took a couple of weeks , maybe just the site was so busy with the launch !
    It’s important you scan on exit or you will be charged the whole of the route , as Derek says !
    For some reason the cards appear to be only valid for 1 year, not clear yet what happens after 1 year ?

  18. I read somewhere that the card itself is valid for ten years but the money you put on it is only spendable for one year, after one year any unspent money that is one year old is wiped off. Any top up done in that year is ok until that becomes a year old.

  19. Can anyone tell me please how I register my Tenerife new travel card. Thank you.

  20. As a regular user of the buses, I have noticed the following since the introduction of the new Ten + tickets. Many drivers switch the vehicle engines off as soon as they arrive at the terminal destination. This hasty process stops one from scanning their ticket to see how much credit is left. I have also noticed several of the locals on well loaded vehicles, scanning their tickets a few stops before they actually alight! All in all though, I prefer the new system to the old Bono. Certainly the majority of the vehicles are light years ahead of anything currently running in the UK!

  21. Hi I registered my ten plus card at a titsa office today. I have used the card a couple of times but the tenmas website still shows the card is unregistered, and I can’t check my balance or top up on line. I have associated the card correctly and given it a nick name. Why can’t I check my balance or top up? Thank you, James

  22. Author

    Hopefully someone who uses the system will be able to help, James.

  23. We took our bono card with 7euro on it to las americous bus station and had it transferred to the new bus ticket with a bit of persuasion lol

  24. James, I had the same problem and it seems that as well as the card being registered for use, you have to ask at a titsa office for them to also register it to allow you to top up on line. I did this but I still have a problem with the top up.
    All my details are there and I can check my usage and my balance but cannot do a top up. I think I will go back to the titsa office and ask why.

  25. As others have said I did everything I needed to do on the Tenmas website. I could see our cards and check the balance but couldn’t top up. We happened to be in the Intercambiador in Santa Cruz and I asked at the TITSA office if they could register the cards. They scanned them and said they were register and the next day I was able to top up.

  26. 1/bono resident site on tenmas does not accept my photo when i press solicitar button despite the fact it confirmed previously it was accepted. format is jpg less than 5mb, also same problem with nie jpg. tried 5 times.
    2/healthcare on gobiernodeespana website, i can make an appointment using my cip number on my tarjeta sanitaria but cannot see my medical history . it requires an electronic certificate under the platino project? does anyone know what this is ? is it the nie or tarjeta sanitaria in plastic form or something else?

  27. Author

    I’m afraid you will need to raise the bus card issue with Titsa. Apologies that I can’t help but such problems are far from unusual. With regard to electronic certificate, no it is not the tarjeta sanitaria: please see HERE where I’ve explained what it is (third question down in the first section on Documentation).

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