TF1 three lanes between San Isidro and Playa de las Américas finally to be a reality

The Canarian Government’s Public Works & Transport Department has announced that works to expand the TF1 to three lanes between San Isidro and Las Américas, and to remodel the Las Chafiras junction including a new link to Oroteanda, are now being put out to tender. The call for quotes to be submitted was published yesterday in the BOC, and will be published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) in the near future with a deadline of 12 April for submissions. Works have a budget of just under €33m and are expected to take two and half years. I am sure many will hope that the plans, which have been so long in getting to this stage, will help alleviate the terrible congestion on the TF1 that is now a daily headache for drivers.


  1. The problem in Tenerife is they go for short term solutions. When doing major road works there should be more use of tunnels at major junctions. Also in and around towns they should invest in more subways under major roads rather than bridges which no one seems to ever use.

  2. The three lanes will be welcome, but will only pump more vehicles into the long established bottlenecks. If they solve the Las Chafiras problem then junctions like San Isidro, Guaza and the Christianos turnoff will be more heavily clogged. The only solution, in a very small place like this, is to reduce the number of vehicles. How, is the big question. But it’s an unpalatable suggestion to most of us.

  3. Please finish the resurfacing of the TF5 in the North and fill in all the pot holes before starting another road project!

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