TFN reopens after pothole in runway closes airport

Photo: Volcanes de Canarias.

The reappearance of an old patched pothole in the runway at TFN Los Rodeos around 5pm last evening closed the airport. Officially, sources say that TFN was closed for just a quarter of an hour, though passengers report delays of at least an hour, but some flights were delayed even after the airport reopened with some even diverted to the mainland. The hole, just a couple of centimetres deep but a metre or so long, was enough to require works to continue overnight while TFN is closed to air traffic in any case.

The airports authority has also confirmed that TFN is shortly to be renamed from Tenerife Norte – Los Rodeos to Tenerife Norte – Ciudad de La Laguna. The change comes after a request from the Ayuntamiento to the Department of Public Works.

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