TFS Guardia Civil arrest smuggler found to be carrying heroin inside his body

The Anti-drugs unit of the Guardia Civil stationed at TFS Reina Sofía have arrested a 31-year-old Guinean resident in Madrid, and identified by the initials L.S., for attempting to smuggle heroin into Tenerife inside his body.

The arrest was made on Monday night in the arrivals hall off a flight from within Europe. After a physical search which found nothing, the man was considered to be unusually nervous as well as being unable to give coherent reasons for his visit here. He was therefore transferred to hospital for x-rays which determined there were foreign bodies inside his own. He was admitted to Candelaria hospital where he passed 50 capsules which were found to contain 582 grams of the drug.

He is now being processed through the Granadilla Courts. C24H

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