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Update 19 July: And now I don’t have a hope of replying to everyone personally. Thank you all so much. I’m really overwhelmed by the response and hope this will do as an expression of real gratitude to everyone. Simply thank you.

Original post 18 July: I’ve tried to reply to everyone personally but I’ve had so many emails that I might have missed some and that would be awful. THANK YOU to everyone who has contacted me to offer us comfort, help, transport, accommodation, and anything else we might need. We’ve been contacted by people I don’t even know personally. At present, there’s no evacuation order or even recommendation for our village, but I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Thank you Janet for all the information. I live in a little village below the Parque del Chio and am getting very worried. What is the acutual situation. I have read that the fire here can only be attacked by Air ??

  2. Author

    Hello Janice, I’m afraid I only know what I’ve posted. My website’s as up to date as I am myself. Sorry.

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