The “chicken-run” stretch of the TF1 has its first fatality

As I said HERE last Tuesday, I didn’t think that the head-on collision on the “chicken-run” part of the TF1 would be the last such accident on that controversial stretch of road … and now there’s been a fatality.

A 69-year-old man was killed around 1.30 last night on the TF1 in Santiago del Teide when his vehicle left the road and collided with a wall. Emergency services found that he had already died from his injuries, and so were unable to do anything other than confirm his death at the scene. It is unclear why his car left the road, and not obvious that the accident actually had anything to do with the three-lane system, but clearly there are safety issues with this stretch of road that need addressing.



  1. Yes Janet that is exactly the only thing we can HOPE, please drive carefully.
    Maybe he had a stroke or maybe his eyes were on his mobile, who knows. Why wait the results. The max speed is 80 at the three-lane system.
    It will be not the last such accident nor the drownings … you always warned people, apparently in vain.

  2. Author

    I don’t think anyone’s blaming the lack of central barriers in this case. It’s far from clear what caused the accident. Of course, it could have been caused by someone who made the driver swerve, and who then just drove off. Or the victim could have been a drunk driver. There are no details at present, but with two accidents in a week on a stretch of road that everyone has said looks risky, I don’t think we can just say “oh for goodness sake just drive carefully … ” …

  3. Or maybe people just need to drive in accordance with the road conditions and layout, observe the speed limits etc. We all know that won’t happen, but its a sad state of affairs nowadays that people always look to blame something, in this case a lack of central barriers rather than their actions (or the actions of another).

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