The Cory’s Shearwaters are back … summer’s coming

It’s the spring equinox and there’s a familiar sound in the air …

At times it can sound a bit like Mongolian throat music but most people know them as the wacka wacka birds because their call can seem manic and amusing: there’s a short video below of what they sound like. If you see what look like coloured decorations on some bridges and wires it’s to protect birds like this who might otherwise be harmed by flying into them on their return, which heralds the summer months so it’s always a grand thing to start hearing them again.

And we are now hearing them as they fly right up the barranco at dusk and later from the coastal cliffs where they nest. Summer’s coming, or at least Spring is …

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  1. Story on the Corey’s Shearwaters brought back lovely memories. Wife & I would hear them of an evening sitting on terrace of Jardines del Tiede hotel. Never saw one as it was dark, so thank you for the picture. Hope to return to Tenerife this year after a two year enforced break.

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