The eight flavours of Canarian gastronomy!

Photo: Saborea Tenerife.

Saborea Tenerife has released this tourism video of the eight things visitors simply have to try to get the full flavour of Canarian gastronomy. Just eight? Well, maybe the important eight – papas (potatoes), queso (cheese), miel (honey), gofio (toasted cornmeal), pescados Atlanticos (Atlantic seafood), carnes (meats), platanos y otras frutas tropicales (bananas and other tropical fruits), and of course … vino (wine)!! Or maybe just not the gofio … for me, anyway! The video’s in Spanish but the images say it all! How many have you tried?!


  1. I have tried everything on the list and love it all apart from Gofio. I have even given that several tries in different places just in case it was a poor chef, it tastes the same wherever I go so no more of it for me 🙂

  2. I love them all, apart from Gofio. I like the taste of Gofio but it feels like I am chewing sand. Two things I love which are not specified are avacados and especially mangas.

    1. Author

      are you trying on your computer because it works fine for computers … seemingly some devices (phones and tablets) are having a problem, presumably because of their settings.

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