The famous Los Realejos fireworks 3 May

Although not a Tenerife-wide public holiday, one part of Los Realejos’ Cruces & Fuegos fiesta on Friday, 3 May, draws people from around the island and even further afield. The fiesta itself is part of the Fiestas de la Cruz held throughout Tenerife (see HERE), but in Los Realejos it lasts just over a month from the end of April to the beginning of June, and the fireworks are what people come from far and wide to see. They have beenĀ granted National Tourist Interest status and are simply spectacular, long recognized as the best by far in Tenerife, and now officially one of the best in the whole of Spain.

The fireworks are staged as a competition between two streets – Calle El Medio Arriba and Calle El Sol – in Los Realejos for the best display, a tradition that started in 1770. The fireworks manufacturers Hermanos Toste themselves date back to 1788 and have a factory in Los Realejos, the only one in the Canaries. The displays are always broadcast live widely on social media (especially Los Realejos Ayuntamiento) from around 9.30pm, with the whole fireworks display lasting for around three hours. The following short video from 2015 will hopefully give some idea of what to expect.


  1. Do you remember when we went quite a few years ago? It was the most spectacular firework display I’ve ever seen.

  2. Author

    Remember? I still haven’t recovered my hearing! šŸ˜€ Good grief, it must be ten years ago at least!

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