Five more bodies found in second cayuco after fifteen dead from first craft are brought into Gran Canaria

Updated 2pm, 21/8: This is terrible. Another five bodies have been found in the second cayuco for which a search was underway as I reported yesterday. The Coastguard says that it contained 16 people, four of whom were dead and two were transferred to hospital urgently with severe hypothermia: one didn’t make it. The other ten have been safely escorted to land. Two boats of hope, a voyage of terror, 20 dead.

Updated 21 August: The Guardia Civil has confirmed that fifteen bodies were recovered from the cayuco found drifting on Wednesday some 80 miles south of Gran Canaria. The tragic craft was towed into Arinaga harbour by its patrol vessel Río Tajo, the Guardia Civil explained.

Original post 20 August: We already know we are experiencing a higher than usual number of pateras and cayucos arriving at these islands this year, and most of them have been in the eastern islands. And so it was with this latest, perhaps the most tragic one yet, with a craft carrying up to around ten spotted some 80m south of Gran Canaria. All on board appear to have died and their bodies are currently being transferred to land. Another boat is understood to have been spotted and is currently being sought in the same area.  


  1. How absolutely dreadful. Their families must be devastated. The criminals that organise this and make money from these desperate people are beyond contempt

  2. Thank you for your report Janet. It’s just heartbreaking.

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