The latest situation in Arona after election earthquake

I posted HERE last month about the municipal election results which saw the PSOE regain, indeed consolidate, their power in Adeje and Guía de Isora, and which saw a relative political earthquake take place in Arona, with the governing CC (nationalists) unceremoniously dumped out of power. There will now be much more time on their hands for the many of them accused of corruption, illegal developments, nepotism, and administrative malpractice to work on their defences for the multiple court cases they’re facing. And as I said in that post, the deputy mayor himself, the councillor responsible for (the state of) Arona’s beaches, and the ruination of its image, Antonio Sosa, lost his seat.

There has been a great deal of interest in Arona’s results, but beyond what I’ve just said, I haven’t gone into details. But now, Christopher Colles, long term Tenerife resident and language teacher, and firm friend of this blog, has written a piece on his own website explaining exactly what happened, what is happening right now in Arona’s local government, and what is likely to happen in the future. Just click HERE to read it – one day they might make a film out of it all … or maybe a soap opera …

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