The most advanced alarm clock ever is launched after being developed here in Tenerife

Photo: PharaoTec.

The most advanced alarm clock of all Time has been developed here in Tenerife by San Eugenio company Pharao Tec! The company’s CEO and co-founder, Tom Kunde, along with his team of experts, is delighted that after two years of dedication, development and testing, Pharao is now ready to be launched. The Pharao has a website HERE and a Facebook page HERE . There’s also a video (below) which shows how the team has successfully designed and manufactured an innovative, high-quality alarm clock loaded with impressive options through what they say is a perfect blend of expertise, assurance and advanced technology.

The company says that the clock is completely free of buttons, and is equipped with the smallest computer in the world (64-bit processor) a full-colour touch screen, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. The integrated LiPo battery has an intelligent charging system and a 3000mAh capacity, which enables uninterrupted functions during prolonged periods of power loss or power surges. The alarm comes with multiple functions, including 14 wake-up settings to suit you and your partner’s needs. One of the highlights of the innovative system is the choice of 30 alarm tones; whether it is the sound of ocean waves, exotic birds, or the sound of a dragster, waking up has never been so exciting.

Pharao was designed with modern capabilities to fit specific needs such as, built-in super Hi-Fi speaker with high-decibel frequency for deep sleepers, while the magic snooze is adapted for people who enjoy waking slowly and at ease. The automatic dimmer allows the user to determine their ideal brightness, and a choice of relaxing videos guarantee a perfect sleep and a healthy night, as the Pharao is free of any radiation concerns. The exterior is made of a special Hydrographic process — a technology also called Water transfer — which makes it possible to print the Pharao in five distinctive three-dimensional designs. The Pharao is to be launched through Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Retail price is $599, and Indiegogo pre –order price is from $349.

Special features include:

• • 64 bit processor- Bluetooth / W-LAN
• • Resistive touchscreen / Retractable stylus Pen
• • 30 exciting wake up tones
• • Fully Operational with no Internet connection
• • Intelligent charging system
• • Water transfer print in 5 designs
• • 15 languages
• • Magic snooze touchless
• • Meditation and relaxing videos
• • Hi-Fi sound with amplifier


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  1. Why would anyone want to pay $599 just to be woken up?

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