Pack of stray dogs thought to be killing farm animals in Guía de Isora area has been captured

A pack of around ten stray dogs has been captured near fincas in the Guía de Isora area after the death over the last three months of more than 100 head of livestock. Policía Local and municipal operatives captured the dogs yesterday when they were found prowling around farms.

According to the councillor for Citizen Security, Secundino Yanes Falcón, “the measure was taken after we had received evidence of the killing of some 120 farm animals over the past three months in various farms in the area”. Sr Yanes said that “the killings have been caused, it appears, by uncontrolled dogs prowling around forms and getting in without being seen, especially during the night”.

The captured dogs were handed over to the local protectora de animales with which the Ayuntamiento has a collaborative agreement in order for them to be treated as necessary and found homes. The Council says that it pays the protectora a considerable sum for each animal handed over, and has been working with Policía Local and finca owners recently to establish the whereabouts of the pack to avoid further kilings. C7


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