The padron-census, and why you should be on it

Update 29 December: Just a final reminder that today and tomorrow are the last opportunities to register on the padron and census if you wish to vote in next year’s local elections.

Original post 10 December: Just a reminder that residents in Tenerife’s municipalities have until the end of the year to ensure that they are on their local padron and census if they wish to vote in next year’s local elections. Apart from the right to vote, however, residents benefit from being registered not only because they become entitled to local services but also because local authorities’ funding depends on the number of inhabitants recorded – so the more people who register, the more money there is locally for the council to spend.

Many people are aware of the padron, but less well known is the census, which is just a subset of the padron equivalent, really, to the electoral list in the UK. Residents who register with the council are not automatically entered into the census, though, so to ensure your right to vote, ask to be included on it when you register on the padron.

In Adeje, communications officer Clio O’Flynn says that “while, usually, there is someone in the Town Hall citizens office who speaks English I am also happy to run across the road and help anyone who needs it if I am free…people just have to ask.” Not every ayuntamiento counts with a Clio, but most have someone who can speak English, and Clio herself will be talking to me next Thursday on her English Time slot on Radio Sur Adeje about the whole padron-census issue and the benefits of residents registering. For more information meanwhile, have a look at an earlier and more detailed post on the subject HERE.


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