Adeje’s Pasión 2020 cancelled for covid19

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Updated 8 April: Given the current state of emergency in Spain and the cancellation of all public acts, including Easter Week religious and civic events, Adeje Ayuntamiento will rebroadcast the 2019 representation of the life and death of Jesus Christ, ‘La Pasión’.  It will be on a number of stations, from 12 midday, on Good Friday April 10th – Canal 4 Televisión Tenerife, Mírame TV, 13 TV (nationally they will be showing the 2018 performance) Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9 FM and the municipal social networks.

Updated 17 March: Sadly, but as might have been expected, Adeje Ayuntamiento has cancelled all civic, cultural and religious Easter Week as a result of the State of Emergency measures for the covid19 situation. Mayor José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga announced this morning that the famous local passion play of Christ’s crucifixion will not go ahead, and that the Tenerife Archdiocese have announced the cancellation of all procession and religious acts throughout the whole the island.

Original post 18 February: Adeje’s Easter passion play is full of drama and emotion, and this year’s preparations for the performance on Good Friday, 10 April, are already underway. Although some 300 actors take part each year, by far the majority of performers are residents in the municipality. And again this year, Adeje Ayuntamiento has issued a call for those who would like to be more than a spectator, and to take part in the Pasión. You can register in the Cultural Centre in Adeje between 8am and 10pm, or by phone to 922 756 246. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when registering.

The event now has an international fame, with hundreds of thousands watching as it is broadcast live every year on television and online through the council’s social media. Every year, however, tens of thousands fill Adeje as they attend the Pasión in person, a great number of them tourists in the area. The whole of Calle Grande from the Plaza del Cruz del Llano to the Plaza de España is transformed into ancient Jerusalem with a market place, various stages, and animals including goats, donkeys, falcons, and horses, following the last days and death of Jesus of Nazareth from his entry into Jerusalem to the crucifixion against the amazing backdrop of the Barranco del Infierno.

The performance always begins at 12 noon and lasts for two hours, and the council advises those who attend to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, to bring water and a sun hat, and to put on adequate sun cream and make sure children are well protected. The local authorities urge the public to follow the instructions of the local police and civil protection units who are there to ensure everyone’s safety and don’t cross the temporary barriers erected to keep the streets clear for the act itself. It is also recommended for attendees to carry ID and information regarding blood group and any allergies in case of an emergency or accident. Given the many thousands expected to attend, it is also essential to arrive in good time, ideally by bus or taxi, and when the event has concluded be prepared to wait a while for crowds to disperse.

There is more information HERE, and Adeje Ayuntamiento will issue more specific information in due course, but for those who would like to take part, Easter starts now!

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