The real sunlit uplands …

Well, we’re having some typically gorgeous January skies at dusk and sunset, with silvery pinks and quilted gold and crimsons that would do justice to the Tailor of Gloucester! But in the mornings, it’s green and blue looking uphill … which is difficult to avoid most times in Tenerife! I know as a Welsh person I’m supposed to say how green was my valley but … how green is my mountain?! And these uplands, at least, are very sunlit!


  1. Liked the views AND the references to The Tailor of Gloucester. Took me back many years to when children were young. Now my eldest will be 50 on 8th February. Where have all the years gone?

  2. Wonderful – to my mind that beats a sea view any day (I don’t like the sea – to go into it, to ride on it or just to look at it) That’s just my personal opinion!

    1. Author

      It’s funny you say that because before we bought this place, my husband viewed it alone because I was in a meeting. The agents were clearly needing sales and they looked gobsmacked when they got out of the car at this ruined Canarian cottage that had half a roof and one collapsed corner, my husband said “yes that’ll do”. Don’t you want your wife to see it before saying yes, they asked! No, he said, no need. And there wasn’t, because we have the same criteria! And it was that view, uphill, that did it for us both. That, and the isolation! The sea view is a given, can almost see it without moving a hair wherever one is in Tenerife, so although ours is utterly fabulous, it wasn’t a factor for either of us!

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